Sahil Internship Program

Objectives of Internship Program:

  • Give opportunity to students to fulfill their research requirements
  • Motivate them to contribute towards social issues
  • Students can avail internship according to their need
  • To get some experience for the starting of their carrier
Sahil offer internship program minimum for one week and maximum for two months to the students. In this program interns are given complete orientation about Sahil work. They adjusted in Sahil department related to their field and interest. They have access to Sahil resource center for research purpose also.

Sahil Interns and Research Students:

  • In 2016 total of 5 interns worked with Sahil and 23 students visited Sahil for their research purpose on CSA
  • In 2015 a total of 21 interns 19 in HO and 2 in at regional office Lahore worked with Sahil
  • In 2014 a total of 14 interns spent an average of 2 months each at Sahil. in regional office Lahore 30 students visited to get information as a part of their research requirements
  • In 2013 a total of 5 interns have been in Sahil program
  • In 2012 Sahil built the capacity of 6 interns and arranged an orientation for 29 students of Fatima Jinnah University



Research students from international universities:

  • University of Liverpool UK
  • University of Texas Austin
  • NHS(National Health Services)England
  • Dublin City University
  • Norway
  • University of Maastricht, The Netherland