Sahil Training Program

Training of Trainers on Meri Hifazat

  1. In this training Sahil provides the participants with an understanding on child rights. And sensitized the participants regarding child sexual abuse (CSA)
  2. Sahil provide the participants with tools that will help them to address protection related issues with children and enables the participants to replicate MH training in their target communities and farther shared the story book MH with the children for their protection.
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Training of Trainers on Aflatoun Social & Financial Education 

The goal of this training is to provide young boys and girls the knowledge and skills to the good values and basic financial education. Sahil designed the Aflatoun program to create and educational and social empowerment in which children will develop positive, proactive mindsets. In Aflatoun training Sahil trainers sensitized the participants regarding personal understanding and exploration, rights and responsibilities, saving and spending, planning and budgeting and child social and financial enterprise. 7  

 Training of Trainers on Child Protection for Community

The aim of the training to provide the participants sufficient background knowledge and tools that will help them child protection related issues and the participants are enable to replicate the training in a simple way. The replication design of training is very simple, Sahil develop different types of posters for replication with short messages such as child rights, child abuse, child protection, and gender based violence, parenting, and adolescent risky behavior

Training of Trainers on Para Counseling

The purpose of training is to empower community workers with Para counseling and communication skills.  Training provides basic effective counseling’s skills usable in their daily life and understands compassion and empathy. Sahil design a guideline on how to help the client they know how to distinguish what works and what does not work helping others.  The participants are Parents, Teachers and Trainers

Training of Trainers on Adolescent Health

Training enhances teachers’ skills to understand adolescent behaviors in the classroom rooted into adolescent growth and developmental stages. Participants are able to understand child abuse and its effects on adolescents and family roles in upbringing of children mashal Bahid Comic 0016

One Day Training

Teacher Training in primary schools

Meri Hifazat Training is on child rights, body safety and protection from abuse.A story cum coloring book Meri Hifazat is provided to the schools teachers

Training Tools: 

Meri Hifazat book, CRC Booklet and Teacher Guiding Book, Cruel Number, Animations

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Peace & Conflict Training 

Training Tools: Training Manual, Card Game, Animation, Group Activates, Role Play

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Early Marriages Training

Training Tools: Training Manual, Animation, CRC Booklet, CRC Poster, Child Abuse Poster, Cruel Number, Meri Hifazat Book, GBV Poster

emCRC 001Gender poster copyPicture7CN-2015

MenEngage Training

Training Tools:  7 Ps Card Game, Once Upon a Boy Video, GBV Poster

MenEngGender poster copy

Lady Health Workers Training

Training Tools: UNCRC Booklet, Poster, Child Abuse Poster, Protection Messages Poster, Growth & Development Card Game, Adolescent Behavior Poster, GBV Poster, Effects of Early Child Marriage, Parenting Poster


Police Training

 Training Tools: Insaf ki Destek, FIR Poster, UNCRC Booklet, Innocent Life, Cruel Numbers


Lawyers Training

Training Tools: Insaf ki Destek, Lawyer Research Report, Cruel Number 

insafkidastakFina_D copyCN-2015            

Community Training

Training Tools: UNCRC Poster, Child Abuse Poster, Protection Messages Poster, Adolescent Behavior Poster, GBV Poster, Parenting Poster, Meri Hifazat Book

CRC copyCSA copyMH copyBhaid Poster copyGender poster copyParenting copy  

Puppet Shows

On Child Protection Messages on Multimedia

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Adolescent Health Training

Training Tools: Teachers Guiding Book, Cruel Number, Bhaid comic, Bhaid CD, Adolescent Behavior Poster

mashalBahid Comic 0016Bhaid Poster copy


Health Professional Training  (HSA)

Training Tools: UNCRC Card Game, UNCRC Poster, Cruel Number, Animations

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